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‘Eyewitness’ Guest Tells Krystal Ball Plane Shot Down by ‘Wind From Howard Stern’s Ass’ ⇢

by Jordan Chariton at TVNewser

I was actually watching live when this happened, and I wasn’t sure they were being pranked or if whoever called in had been talking to someone off camera (which had happened earlier in the day when guests were trying to get updated information and the NBC News anchors were switching back and forth between NBC and MSNBC).  The immediate cut to commercial made me lean more towards it being a prank.

My favorite comment from this article: “A reporter named Krystal Ball should have been able to see this coming”

Geraldo Immediately Starts Wildly Speculating About The Malaysian Plane Crash ⇢

by Katherine Fung at The Huffington Post

This is actually the most sensible and responsible “speculation” Geraldo Rivera (or any Fox News personality, for that matter) has offered.  While it’d be very unlikely that Vladimir Putin (or anyone of significant authority in the Russian government or military) directly ordered a civilian passenger plane to be shot down, it’s not a stretch to accuse him of having “the blood of [the] airline passengers on his hands” if the plane was shot down by Ukraine separatists using military gear supplied by Russia. 

If Russia was in a declared war with Ukraine and this airplane was shot down as a result of it being mistakenly identified as a Ukrainian military aircraft, then the “blood of his hands” accusation is pretty weak (though that wouldn’t excuse accountability of the Russian military…. there is a difference between mistake and intent, but no difference between death and death by accident).  The reality of this situation, however, is that Russia hasn’t declared war on Ukraine, and has in fact publicly stated that they were withdrawing their military from the area.  Despite their official position, they have still continued to incite and supply, if not outright encourage, separatists and activists in Ukraine to rise up against the official Ukrainian government. 

Their subversion and deceitful behavior put the weapon in the hand of whoever fired at the plane when the consensus of the world community, including organizations and alliances that Russia belongs to, condemned Russia’s tactics.  Russia continued operations that they acknowledged implicitly, first by denying they were supporting the rebels and later publicly declaring withdrawal of their military from Ukraine and surrounding areas, were wrong.  Those operations resulted in 295 deaths, most if not all of which were not enemy combatants or even Ukrainian citizens.

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As His Lawsuit Disintegrates Boehner Falls Apart During A Woozy Tirade Against Obama ⇢
this was uncomfortably the only good play I was able to make in a game of Words With Friends

this was uncomfortably the only good play I was able to make in a game of Words With Friends

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Source: The Huffington Post

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